30 May 2011


I know that three people read this blog. I think that's pretty good, right?
Anyway, for those three of you here is a little promotion.
My sweetest of all friends, Kelsey is hosting a little giveaway on her blog. Apparently she has Apple products coming out her ears for some reason and is giving away an ipod shuffle in an effort to up her following.
But here's the thing with Kelsey: she's a real gosh-darned tough cookie. She can lead you through an hour of yoga that leaves you feeling you might melt into the floor by savasana. She sings, bakes, wears leather jackets and corduroy pants and is always willing to snuggle all night. But here's the most important thing: she's a survivor. Read a little bit about her story here and try and resist clicking on the "Newer Posts" button. Her writing is honest and powerful, candid and dignified.
She also really loves herself sometimes so I hope she doesn't read this. JUST KIDDING KELSEY!

11 May 2011

Drunk and Hot Girls

Scenes from St. Helena

Courtney graduated from wine school. We don't know exactly what this means, only that she is a winner.


even more wonderful.

this is how you stand in front of a back-drop, right?

life: from wallet to picnic table

tres bien.
the weekend was full of sunshine, cream and sugar.
Congratulations to our lovely Sommelier.
Thanksgiving's wine selection will surely never suffer.