15 August 2011

Midwifery Monday

"Spontaneous labour in a normal woman is an event marked by a number of processes so complicated and so perfectly attuned to each other that any interference with them will only detract from their optimal character... The danger will arise that the physiological part of obstetrics will be threatened by doctors who all too often will change true physiological aspects of reproduction into pathology."
G.J. Kloosterman, Dutch obstetrician

30 July 2011

Update: Holy Smokes!

What have I been up to this summer?

... i've got sushi coming out my earholes and i'm loving it more than ever. waking up at 5 am to make 250 salmon nigiris?
geez louise, who is this white girl?

04 July 2011

Today, the 4th

I have yet to listen to this song without a tiny welling of tears.

This 4th of July has me feeling particularly nostalgic. Something has compelled me toward google maps: looking up satellite pictures of St. Fridolin's cemetery in Champlin, Minnesota and our 2.5 acres in tiny Dayton. That sandbur infested yard with its strawberry plants, firepit and our family of seven ('such a lucky number. makes me feel like HEAVEN!'). Maybe it's because I've had 'American Pie' on repeat for the last 24 hours but in spite of all the 4th's I've celebrated since the summer after 3rd grade, the few we got to spend with my dad have been running through my mind all day.
A lot has changed since the muggy July's in Minnesota and this year my family is sprawled across the country and the globe (Napa Valley, Bangkok, Barcelona...) We're not driving to St. Peter for the parade or giving the Dayton PD an illegal fireworks show and even though the watermelon is just as sweet, and seedless to boot, and the snap-dragons are still blooming and snapping and nodding in the sun, this 4th of July is dedicated to summers past and, more importantly, my dad.
My dad who was on the dating game, whistled along to the hymns at church and rode a LeMond.
My dad who proposed to my mom in a canoe.

So Happy 4th of July to families big and small, scattered and gathered. And cheers to 4th of July traditions that endure through wet climates and dry climates and state borders and births and deaths.

27 June 2011

Happy Birthday Gracie Babie

My month/week/day is coming up. I know at least one of my readers really likes me a lot, a lot.
I have been oogling googling over...
Madewell = Madelovely
J. Crew is like Courtney: big sister, blonde, sophisticated, simple and beautiful.
Madewell is Emma: baby sister, boys can't help but love her, gets along with everybody, wears high heels with her plaid school uniform skirt.
I'm Gracie, I've bought 6 white wife beaters in the past month. Reeeeally glad to have this sassy sister sandwich.

Pretty much, those sandals have become my bread and butter. They're the bee's knees. I kept the window open to them on my phone so I could stroke their pretty strappies during Sunday School.
I hope they're tanning the hides of those Italian cows for me cause I'm comin' for you baby. I'mma comin'.

oh and...

this ring is pretty too.

01 June 2011

Summer Goals

These seem to be popping up all over the blogosphere.
Be left out? P-shaw!
For my own personal reference...

Summ-Summ '11 ToDo's:

1. Go to Lagoon
2. Smell like campfire smoke more often than not (but not really) (but kinda)
3. Live (or die) in Yosemite
4. Bastille Day. AKA my birthday. AKA right in the middle of my birth-week. AKA right in the middle of July. July being my birth-month... It's kind of a big deal
5. No pants allowed
6. Get offered a multi-cultural student scholarship by August (this happened the summer before my senior year. The sun and I? Yeah, we're kind of a thing)
7. Read. Books.
8. Neglect my car, love my bike (actually, goal #1 is to replace my bike tires. they are lil baldies, poor fellas)
9. Pack a real, bona fide picnic and share it with a lover or two
10. 7-peaks, 7-11, 7-fourteen(see #4)
11. Befriend a boat owner. Marry a boat owner? Maybe next summer...
12. I seem to have forgotten my old popsicle friends. This summer will be one for rekindling.
13. Timp. Oh Timp. You sing to us in the mornings and watch over us at night. I'll see you soon you sweet, strong ol' girl.
14. Make a million sushi rolls and a million dollars.
15. Rent a room. Live in a tent.

I'm itchin'.
Boyohboy I've been waiting for June since... pretty much last June. Something about the new greenness of the grass and trees that makes June full of calm expectancy and Utah pretty much owns the month of June. Nestled between the wet, bi-polar spring and the dry, sucking heat of a desert summer, June makes the mountains seem soft and friendly while keeping their cold, snowy peaks to remind us their power.
June in Utah smells exciting and clean. Drive north on 900 East at sunset this month. Look at the vibrant green mountains with their icy hats and catch in your peripheral the millions of blossoms lining the street. Then try and complain about the liquor laws and 'lack of culture.'
This is the place. This place is magic.

30 May 2011


I know that three people read this blog. I think that's pretty good, right?
Anyway, for those three of you here is a little promotion.
My sweetest of all friends, Kelsey is hosting a little giveaway on her blog. Apparently she has Apple products coming out her ears for some reason and is giving away an ipod shuffle in an effort to up her following.
But here's the thing with Kelsey: she's a real gosh-darned tough cookie. She can lead you through an hour of yoga that leaves you feeling you might melt into the floor by savasana. She sings, bakes, wears leather jackets and corduroy pants and is always willing to snuggle all night. But here's the most important thing: she's a survivor. Read a little bit about her story here and try and resist clicking on the "Newer Posts" button. Her writing is honest and powerful, candid and dignified.
She also really loves herself sometimes so I hope she doesn't read this. JUST KIDDING KELSEY!

11 May 2011

Drunk and Hot Girls

Scenes from St. Helena

Courtney graduated from wine school. We don't know exactly what this means, only that she is a winner.


even more wonderful.

this is how you stand in front of a back-drop, right?

life: from wallet to picnic table

tres bien.
the weekend was full of sunshine, cream and sugar.
Congratulations to our lovely Sommelier.
Thanksgiving's wine selection will surely never suffer.