31 December 2010

Adios MMX

2010: Grace Style
(because i'm feeling self important and/or reflective and also my computer is letting me upload photos today)

This year I...

kicked the year off in dreary old london
spent a ton of money, gained a ton of weight and still feel like it never even happened.

ran into this girl making a drug deal

then proceeded to gallivant about giant wombs
and way too many patisseries.

found myself on the sunny spanish coast with ol' blue eyes.

celebrated bastille day in sleaze.

said goodbye to my love.
(picture taken moments before checking her cute bootie into the MTC)

conquered the great yosemite.

eventaled. remained an unpaid intern.

never wore a helmet

got real close and awful happy.

risked my life for the great apple harvest.

grew a stellar beard.
(couldn't be happier it's gone)

thought winter would never come.
i'm happy it's here but would be happier yet if it left in a timely manner.

Other things I did:
became a sushi chef
found my true calling
hung out with cadavers
got paid to go to school
bought way too many clothes

Things I hope to do in 2011:
chip away at my reading list
lead climb a 5.11c
move to salt lake
witness a live birth in person
get a few new stamps in the passport
eat more leafy greens
laugh louder and more often

2010, you were a year. go with god.