29 July 2010


was that london? was that $6000 and 14 plays and 3 expired tube passes and 6 full weeks? was that taking the 9 (or the 10) to catch the circle (or the district)? Was that stuffed to the brim tube carriages and men wearing perfectly fitted suits and bundling up even in june and endless blisters and rejoicing in the weak pound and nymphettes playing cricket in the park?
i think it was. i thought it would never come, or end, and now it's just something i did in the spring.
cheers, london.

my computer still will not upload pictures to this, or any, medium.

i hope that this problem will be resolved in the near, or hell, even distant, future.

but since i am this generation's next vladimir nabokov (shane's words, not mine), my words alone will lack no stimulation...

i knew you would agree.

i made a little deal with myself just a few minutes ago and i intend to keep my end of the bargain and blog at least every week. it's hard to get back into it but maybe we can all forgive ourselves and forget about my negligence during the last four months and my abandonment of the whole purpose for starting this. (upon reviewing the two words used to describe my mistreatment of the blog in the last sentance (negligence and abandonment ), i feel pretty rotten and will immediately place blog in some therapy to resolve these issues.)

so here we go, blog. it's you and me now and whoever wants to join along, alighting at good times and always minding the gap.