28 November 2010

thanks for the down coat.

on tuesday night life in utah was put on hold in preparation for The Greatest Blizzard of the Century. by 3 pm byu had completely shut down and by 5 the panic had spread to the sumo where the tinted glass doors were snugly locked against brave blizzard-farers/"sushi" (vegas roll?) lovers. temperatures were expected to plummet and snow expected to drop by the foot. as i drove around running errands in anticipation for what ended up being The Greatest Disappointment Since the First and Last Time I Went to Disneyland, the same little worry crept into my mind that usually finds its way in this time every year: where will all the little birds go tonight? i didn't know how bad the storm was going to be* but if it was even half as bad as it was hyped up to be, sweet little birdies would be dropping from the trees, their spindly little legs unable to hold onto the branches any longer.
people have their homes (or homeless shelters) with roofs and walls and fish can dive deep to find constant temperatures and furry animals can burrow and dig and bugs, well bugs all end up dying pretty quick anyway, but birds live in the branches of tall trees where the wind whips their little homes from east to west to east. i worry about the birds and their puffed up bodies trying to keep them warm all winter. i hope for my sake that the rest of this winter's storms prove to be as mild as the first but also i hope for the sake of the tiny little birds that shiver on the power lines, looking for sunshine.

* i am gullible and the national weather service had me on the verge of believing that the second coming was certainly upon us. i located my headlamp just case.