28 April 2010

upon arriving

what day is today? i got on delta flight 12 and lost 7 hours. have you seen them?
in london, the air is balmy, the street signs are round, the grass is green, the buildings are ornate, the taxis are spacious, the h&m is close at hand and the people are grandiloquent.
i was among the first to arrive at the flat at 37 hyde park gate and my body knew it was 3 am even though outside the sun was shining. so i slept for a while until my roommates (normal. thank you, heaven) arrived and we went to whole foods where the cheese, oh the cheese!, occupied the entire second floor and is beckoning me back as we speak.
tonight we walked as a group through our kensington neighborhood and it seems the byu students brought their poor pedestrian habits with them to london so i won't be travelling in a group anymore.
there is the update for those who care. tonight we are supposed to read the first 3 acts of macbeth for class in the morning. i think i will consider that assignment optional.

08 April 2010

sugar and...

spice girls.

hot damn. does anybody else miss these girls?

i will be in the uk in a little less tha
n 3 weeks and so help me i'd better have a sighting.

whenever we played spice girls it was always unanimous that i be baby spice. because, you know, i was the cutest.
but this is 2010 and i would be offended if i had to play anything other than posh.
seriously offended.

04 April 2010


According to Bede (bede-y?), Easter is the goddess of spring.


Could Miss Easter please step forward and explain to the good people why this holy morn actually looked like this?

or maybe even this?

i'm not dreaming of this.

but other than having to dust off the ol' window scraper this morning (and then promptly putting it to use) easter (the holiday, not the pagan goddess) turned out a-ok.
with general conference falling on the same day, i had almost nowhere to show off my new easter hat so shane and i headed up to the cathedral of the madeleine with a small congregation of heathens to try out the new kneelers. not bad.
and upon our exit, the sun was shining and panda express forgot to close for the day.

peace be with you, indeed.

here is a festive word search. i found 'tfuna.' or 'mfaguro' as we native sushi chefs call it.