28 February 2010

Dear Emma,

Sorry about your surprise homecoming cupcakes.

They were supposed to look like this.

Boy did something go wrong.

Am I the one who's supposed to clean up this mess?

At least the gnocchi turned out ok.

Welcome home beebee.

24 February 2010

my identity.


for robbie

20 February 2010

Today I had a good intention. I intended to blog a sumptuous list of happenings, comings and goings (mostly goings) but the temporary staying-puts have pushed the clock hands steadily toward 2:30 am and the cursor remains blinking next to the first blank item on the list.

Tonight I experienced a great divorce. The assets have been split, compromises have been made and by tomorrow afternoon the final papers will be signed and filed and Kelsey will leave me with a pile of recyclables and a half empty closet. Six months feels like an awful long time when my potential life partner is on a tamponless beach in southern Morocco and her leaving announces the finality of a very dependent era. For nine months we picked out each other's outfits, fixed each other's bloody noses and held hands as we fells asleep. Kelsey tried to become the next Jackie O and I, just as unsuccesfully looked within myself for some glimpse of Martha Stewart.
By next week I will be snug in my mom's walk-in closet, rolling sushi roll after unsure sushi roll and trying to get myself to London. Coming home will be weird without Kels to shout out the very goods and the very bads with. Who knows where life will take us from here. I think I'll go to culinary school.

To clarify, I know it sounds like we're super gay. We're not. We just got a lot of philia. That's the good stuff.