01 June 2011

Summer Goals

These seem to be popping up all over the blogosphere.
Be left out? P-shaw!
For my own personal reference...

Summ-Summ '11 ToDo's:

1. Go to Lagoon
2. Smell like campfire smoke more often than not (but not really) (but kinda)
3. Live (or die) in Yosemite
4. Bastille Day. AKA my birthday. AKA right in the middle of my birth-week. AKA right in the middle of July. July being my birth-month... It's kind of a big deal
5. No pants allowed
6. Get offered a multi-cultural student scholarship by August (this happened the summer before my senior year. The sun and I? Yeah, we're kind of a thing)
7. Read. Books.
8. Neglect my car, love my bike (actually, goal #1 is to replace my bike tires. they are lil baldies, poor fellas)
9. Pack a real, bona fide picnic and share it with a lover or two
10. 7-peaks, 7-11, 7-fourteen(see #4)
11. Befriend a boat owner. Marry a boat owner? Maybe next summer...
12. I seem to have forgotten my old popsicle friends. This summer will be one for rekindling.
13. Timp. Oh Timp. You sing to us in the mornings and watch over us at night. I'll see you soon you sweet, strong ol' girl.
14. Make a million sushi rolls and a million dollars.
15. Rent a room. Live in a tent.

I'm itchin'.
Boyohboy I've been waiting for June since... pretty much last June. Something about the new greenness of the grass and trees that makes June full of calm expectancy and Utah pretty much owns the month of June. Nestled between the wet, bi-polar spring and the dry, sucking heat of a desert summer, June makes the mountains seem soft and friendly while keeping their cold, snowy peaks to remind us their power.
June in Utah smells exciting and clean. Drive north on 900 East at sunset this month. Look at the vibrant green mountains with their icy hats and catch in your peripheral the millions of blossoms lining the street. Then try and complain about the liquor laws and 'lack of culture.'
This is the place. This place is magic.


  1. i miss seven peaks.
    and the magic. i do not miss the bipolar spring.

  2. you make me like Utah. can i be your lover for the picnic? and can we loiter at the sev all night long on... i dunno... july 3rd?!

  3. Just came across your blog :) I love number 8. Riding around the city on my bike in the summer is the best. It's so freeing.

  4. i like your goals. i might steal some for my own.