27 June 2011

Happy Birthday Gracie Babie

My month/week/day is coming up. I know at least one of my readers really likes me a lot, a lot.
I have been oogling googling over...
Madewell = Madelovely
J. Crew is like Courtney: big sister, blonde, sophisticated, simple and beautiful.
Madewell is Emma: baby sister, boys can't help but love her, gets along with everybody, wears high heels with her plaid school uniform skirt.
I'm Gracie, I've bought 6 white wife beaters in the past month. Reeeeally glad to have this sassy sister sandwich.

Pretty much, those sandals have become my bread and butter. They're the bee's knees. I kept the window open to them on my phone so I could stroke their pretty strappies during Sunday School.
I hope they're tanning the hides of those Italian cows for me cause I'm comin' for you baby. I'mma comin'.

oh and...

this ring is pretty too.


  1. love. love. and love. I have wanted a rough cut diamond ring forever... and this one is perfection. Happy soon birthday. Hope you get all you want and more.

  2. love you. i'd stroke those sassy straps during sunday school, too.

  3. i love/hate you for getting me back into rings again. i've been wanting to add on to my band forever but i guess i can wait. :(

    also, yesterday someone in my head said "yoooohooooo!" and, naturally, i thought of you.